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NEW CODE! BATMAN '66 v1.02.0

NEW CODE! Stern Pinball has posted new Batman code v1.02.0 for the Premium, Limited Edition, and Super Limited Edition models.

This code contains additional polish, game enhancements, score balancing and bug fixes.

V1.02.0 – Dec. 20, 2018 =======================

  1. Added attract mode operating instructions. This is on a setting, ATTRACT OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS, default is ON. This shows a sequence in the attract mode about inserting coins, pressing start, launching the ball, and using the flippers.

  2. Added SLE custom speech for the batphone hurry-up. This occurs at the 15 second mark, once per start.

  3. Shame modes start as multiball the first time they are played. They will then be started as timed modes until all of minor villain modes have been played within the season.

  4. Type of GI lamps in the light table changed to GI; these were marked incorrectly.

  5. Cleaned up city scene video clips. Fixed Morganbilt Library video clip, which was converted using the wrong aspect ratio, and showed black bars on each side of the clip.

  6. Fixed a bug with hold bonus x; it was not being held.

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