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NEW CODE! Stern Pinball has posted new Elvira code v0.88.0 for the Premium, Limited Edition, and Signature Edition models.

This code contains bug fixes, additional polish, and game enhancements.

Update instructions: 1 - Download the zip file. 2 - Unzip the file; this will create a folder that contains file(s).

3 - Open the folder, copy the file(s) to the root level of a USB stick.(Do not copy the folder.)

4 - Power the game off.

5 - Insert the USB stick.

6 - Turn the game on. After the game boots up, there will be an option for software update. The volume buttons change options for full or quick update. The enter button selects the option and starts the update. Once the update is completed, turn the game off and remove the USB stick. Turn the game on and the game will be running the new code.

V0.88.0 – Dec. 3, 2019 ======================

– Fixed issues with the house ramp and diverter motors, esp. when the interlock switch disables the power to the node boards, which results in a loss of communication to the boards. – Fixed the “UNSELECTED” icon for trunk test; it was the same as the “SELECTED” icon. – Support for the headphone kit was missing. This has been corrected. – Removed unused adjustment and messages. – Added switch compensation for disabled house ramp diverter; if disabled, awards for the HOUSE LOCK will be given out on the RAMP OPTO (due to inaccessibility). – Added new lamp effects for starting a haunt. – Improved SANTA CLAUS CONQUERS THE MARTIANS haunt: – Added sounds for santa jackpots. – Added new “hurray for santa claus” music. – Updated rules. – Added timer restart for shots made. – Fixed an issue where the trunk lid would stay open when it should not; i.e. after a player played trunk multiball and left the multiball with the trunk lid open, the lid would stay open. – Improved abruptly changing player score font sizes during BONUS. – Kept track of previously played deadheads so they will not be repeated for the same player in a game. – The background lamp effect for TRUNK MULTIBALL was not displaying the trunk item lamps that applied to the second multiball properly. This has been corrected.

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