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NEW METALLICA CODE! Stern Pinball has posted new Metallica code version 1.80.0 for the Pro, Premium, and Limited Edition models.

This code contains enhancement, score balancing, and additional polish! The code also features bug fixes.

Pro Edition – v1.80.0:

Premium – v1.80.0:

Limited Edition – v1.80.0:

V1.80.0 – November 16, 2018 ===========================

  1. Add RED G.I. to coffin hammer strike LED G.I. effect.

  2. Added LED GI effects for mode items, snake multiball ready, and snake multiball start.

  3. Changed EoL start and background LED GI effects.

  4. Added LED GI effect for the super spinners.

  5. Loop post stays DOWN when a shot is made for the super spinners.

  6. Reworked EoL RGB lamps: blinking bright green = super jackpot, solid dark green = scored, blinking medium green = available.

  7. Added lamp effects (background) and LED GI effects (background) for the coffin magnet diverter lock sequence.

  8. Implemented lamp effects and LED GI effects for super spinners.

  9. Added a setting (currently, game-specific adjustment #91) that controls the amount of time the coffin magnet remains down during ball search (default: 5 seconds, range: 2 seconds – 10 seconds).

  10. Ball search coffin/magnet will activate the coffin magnet when the coffin magnet diverter is held down. This may or may not help free balls that may be jammed in the back of the coffin behind the magnet.

  11. Improved the coffin magnet sequence in an effort to minimize balls getting jammed behind the magnet.

  12. Switch compensation for the snake jaw now only done when the snake jaw is UP.

  13. RGB test was not freeing the rgb layer before exiting. This has been corrected.

  14. Added a background lamp effect for the super spinners.

  15. Reworked ball locked lamp effect.

  16. Captive ball extra ball #1 (default for auto setting) lowered to 10 hits (from 15 hits).

  17. Combo champion # of combos lowered to 10 combos (from 20 combos).

  18. Added new marker to The End Of The Line music for better shooter groove.

  19. One (lady justice) mode was not being restarted when a shot was made during the mode. This has been corrected.

  20. Added a “reset timer” adjustment for the One (lady justice) mode.

  21. Added combo lights adjustment. Default is FLASH ONCE (show lamps once for a small period of time, then turn the lights off). Other settings: ALWAYS and NONE. Competition + Director’s Cut are set to FLASH ONCE.

  22. Coffin hurry-up now leaves all shots lit to reset the hurry-up score when multiple hurry-ups are available instead of requiring the player to complete them individually before they all re-light.

  23. “The End Of The Line” song is now selectable at the start of the game if the player has made it to “The End Of The Line” (the 5th Crank It Up mode).

  24. Shot features shot lit (the blinking arrow at the start of the ball) will no longer move to a shot that is ready to start the coffin hurry-up, nor will it move to a shot that is associated with a currently running coffin hurry-up.

  25. Super skill shot to light a shot for the coffin hurry-up will now always be on the active shot for lighting items (the blinking arrow at the start of the ball).

  26. Reworked guitar pick target lamps. The unscored lamps now blink only when they are available to light the snake lock (and during Blackened). Otherwise, the unscored lamps are OFF.

  27. Added explosion sounds to the start of the fuel mode.

  28. Changed the sound for completing a pop bumper to something slightly louder.

  29. Reworked song transition markers for “Sad But True” so more of the song can be heard.

  30. Added lamp effects for “The End Of The Line” super jackpot.

  31. Added shaker motor effects to “The End Of The Line”.

  32. Shortened the extra ball and replay effects during multiball and “The End Of The Line”.

  33. Fixed the timing of the snake bite sound at the start of the long version of the extra ball display effect.

  34. Added more speech for snake lock.

  35. Added snake talk scripts (ADULT CONTENT and BEEPED) for completing the guitar pick targets when doing so lights the snake lock during multiball or during “The End Of The Line”. This was implemented, but the scripts were missing from the snake script table.

  36. Updated some HSTD initials.

  37. Crank It Up modes now wait for collect/continue to finish obtaining user input before terminating. This allows the player to “collect” the mode points even though the song (mode) has technically ended.

  38. Changed the Crank It Up default collect/continue relight difficulty from EASY to HARD. This requires the player to re-collect the Cross, Electric Chair, Coffin, and Snake to relight collect/continue during the Crank It Up mode.

  39. Some work on The End of the Line:

  40. Starts as a 2-ball multiball.

  41. The music does not start until the mode start animation has finished playing.

  42. Removed the timer. The mode will continue running during single ball play.

  43. Added mystery award for single ball play. This awards the first available shot from left to right (even if that shot is the super jackpot).

  44. If the mode is played through until the song ends at 7:51, the flippers are turned off and the balls are collected.

  45. The first part of the rule has been changed from all 6 shots lit to light the super jackpot to 1 shot lit to light the first super jackpot, 2 shots lit to light the second super jackpot, etc. up to a maximum of all 6 shots lit to light the sixth super jackpot. If an unlit shot is made during this stage, that shot will light to advance to the next stage (super jackpot).

  46. Removed “failed” super jackpot award display effect and moved it to “ended”. (This is the animation of the car not making the jump and crashing at the bottom of the canyon.)

  47. – Removed the failed shots from the second stage (super jackpot).

  48. There is now only one shot available during this stage (the super

  49. jackpot); it moves around randomly.

  50. Removed some audits (super jackpot failed, completed). The mode cannot be completed, it can only be played until the song ends.

  51. Added jackpot speech.

  52. Added super jackpot lit speech.

  53. Added instructions to the start display effect.

  54. Added instructions/status to the background display effect.

  55. Changed the scoring for the super jackpot. The first super jackpot awards the total points scored during the first CrankIt Up mode played. The second super jackpot awards the total points scored during the first Crank It Up mode played plus the total points scored during the second Crank It Up mode played, … etc.

  56. Corrected the mode tune. The full song is now played from the beginning, and it ends in silence.

  57. A ball is added when lighting the super jackpot and for scoring the super jackpot, always.

  58. Added logic to shut down some rules, as this rule is not covered under the normal multiball handling (it can be single ball play)).

  59. Added item collects (Cross, Electric Chair, Coffin, Snake) to light collect/continue.

  60. Added collect/continue so the mode can be ended (it does not end normally when play goes down to single ball). Collect/continue is only available during single ball play.

  61. Snake lock for 2x scoring now allowed.

  62. Reworked the replay effect so it is more efficient.

  63. Shortened the replay effect if the replay is awarded during bonus (as a result of the bonus putting the player over the replay score).

  64. Inhibited the trailing “free game” speech at the end of the replay effect if the replay effect is run immediately after bonus.

  65. Added small explosion sound for completing a pop bumper.

  66. Broke out right eject kick settings into TIME and POWER. This gives better resolution/control over the behavior of the kick.

  67. Added a setting to carry over the fuel lane (piston) awards (lights) from ball to ball.

  68. Changed default cross hits from 2 to 1.

  69. Changed default item requirements for Crank It Up from 15 to 12.

  70. Fixed a bug in the Blackened mode where the super jackpot light would stay lit (blinking) after it was collected and no longer available.

  71. Added a custom sound previewer when changing the MODE COMPLETION SOUND adjustment so the user can preview the sound before having to try it out in the game.

  72. Implemented alternate Crank-It-Up completion sounds. The sound that is played when “completing” a Crank-It-Up mode is controlled by a new game-specific adjustment: “CRANK IT UP COMPL. SOUND”. The sound that is played is a new sound that is more appropriate for a Metallica game (less fanfare-y, more metal-y).

  73. Game over effects are now killed when entering test mode.

  74. Fixed a bug in the auto-percentaged extra ball module that would sometimes set the extra ball values (captive ball hits, combos) to an out of range value.

  75. Mystery award text now expedited when the mystery award display effect is blown off.

  76. Flipper blowoff for mystery locks the last frame so the player can see the award.

  77. Score type changed from 32-bit to 64-bit.

  78. Updated to new game versioning scheme.

  79. “The End Of The Line” mode background lamps now higher than BLACKENED lamps.

  80. Fuel mode start was also scoring the first letter of “FUEL” for lighting double scoring during “FUEL”. This has been corrected.

  81. If all piston lights are blinking and the fuel lane target is hit then the score value is doubled.

  82. Changed fuel lane scoring. Changed fuel lane “blown pistons” so a blown piston is awarded for each light that is lit instead of only awarding one blown piston for any number of lights lit.

  83. Increased the priority of the fuel lane target hit display effect so the extra ball lit display effect would not cut it off.

  84. The three lights by the fuel lane are now reset when the blown pistons are collected.

  85. Fixed an issue with the skill shot where the 2x right lane award was not being re-enabled on short plunges.

  86. Fixed an issue where fading the music volume would cause the music to cut out entirely (bonus, game over).

  87. Snake multiball background display effect was not showing the correct shot value when the super jackpots were lit. This has been corrected.

  88. Lowered the score for the snake multiball super jackpot.

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