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Stern Deadpool Code

NEW CODE! Stern Pinball has posted Deadpool code v0.95.0 for the Pro, Premium and Limited Edition models.

This code contains new Mr. Sinister modes and Sauron team-ups. It also contains bug fixes, enhancements and additional polish.

Pro – v0.95.0:

Premium – v0.95.0:

Limited Edition – v0.95.0:

LE V0.95.0 – Oct. 18, 2018 ========================== – Updates to mode progression – Complete Juggernaut, Mystique, and Sabretooth Battles to light Sauron Multiball – Complete Sauron Multiball to light Sauron Teamup Battles (Juggernaut 2, Mystique 2, Sabretooth 2) – Complete Sauron Teamup Battles (Juggernaut 2, Mystique 2, Sabretooth 2) to light Mr. Sinister Battle. – Complete Megalodon and T-Rex Quests to light Extra Ball. – Complete Mr. Sinister Battle and Megalodon and T-Rex Quests to light Mr. Sinister Multiball. – Sauron Teamup Battles: Sauron enters each battle to help the villains fight Deadpool. Sauron shots are green. – Right Katana shot change: Right Katana mode shots are awarded on the Right Katana Lane or the Right Katana Ramp. Katana Ball Lock and Ninja Multiball Super Jackpot are awarded only on the Right Katana Ramp. – Playfield Multiplier Rule: the Snikt Shot (Snikt Target to Right Katana Ramp) increases the Playfield Multiplier up to 5x and resets the timer. Once the multiplier reaches 5x, the Snikt Shot adds 5 seconds to the timer. – Extra Ball is awarded for completing the Megalodon and T-Rex Quests. Weapon Jackpot no longer award Extra Ball. – Mode Select Cancel – hold BOOM Button for 2.5 seconds during Mode Select to cancel the starting a Battle or Quest. – Added rule audits. – Added mode total score displays. – Added animation, speech, and sound. – Fixed: short plunge to right orbit switch will no longer give right orbit awards. – Switch and lamp name changes – Fixed naming of D-A-E-D switches and lamps to D-E-A-D. – Renamed “INNER TURNAROUND” to “INNER LOOP”. – Renamed “LOWER INSIDE LOOP” to “INNER LOOP”. – Renamed “SUPER JACKPOT TARGET” to “COLOSSAL JACKPOT TARGET”

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