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Batman '66 Code Update

NEW CODE! Stern Pinball has posted new Batman code v0.98.0 for the Premium, Limited Edition, and Super Limited Edition models.

This code contains bug fixes, enhancements and additional polish.

Super Limited Edition – v0.98.0:

Limited Edition – v0.98.0:

Premium – v0.98.0:

V0.98.0 – Oct. 17, 2018 =======================

– Reworked the Bookworm mode so it is easier to finish. – Cleaned up speech requests for King Tut 27/28 so new requests are honored over old ones. – Changed completion requirements and scoring for King Tut 27/28. – Cleaned up last stage background clips for King Tut 27/28 (two were close together, similar). – Added right target bank target awards to King Tut 27/28; these increase the scoring for the mode by a decent amount. – Reworked small TV allocation/deallocation so TV exit animations can be run. – Existing choreography, totals, queued and main display effects are now stopped when changing channels. – Reworked the “completed” and “total” effects for the minor villain modes. If the mode is completed, the villain “jailed” animation is played. If not, a still image of the villain is shown with the total number of points scored during the mode. – Implemented correct episode title messages for minor villain modes, based on the current (possibly saved) state of the rule. – Changed scoring for Shame 59/60. Additional shot and switch points are awarded for starting and completing other minor villain modes. – Changed the number of shots for Shame 59/60 last stage from 7 to 5 for completion (easier). Added GI effects for GADGET/TV targets. Cleaned up messages for the background display effect so there is more information shown regarding the current state of the rule. Cleaned up speech requests so new requests are honored over old ones. – Rollover and rollunder switches (loops, ramps) now cause an end-of-ball condition (bonus) if there is a drain immediately after a serve where any of these switches are made before the drain.

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