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Update on Black and White Twilight Zone Pinball Machine

This week has been super exciting around the shop. Not only did we manage to get our hands on the very first out the door Houdini pinball machine from American Pinball, but we’ve got a big update on our Black and White Twilight Zone pinball machine too!

This project has been in the works for years! If you want to check our first blog about this machine, head over to our first post about it. There are some great pictures of the Twilight Zone getting worked on. But the original post about this machine is over on Pinside and was started May 7th of 2013!

We are finally getting to the home stretch because we just got our playfield back from the printer and it looks beautiful. After sanding down the original playfield to bare wood, we hit a little snag when we couldn't locate one of the playfield inserts. Those little lightning bolts are hard to find! Read the full story here:

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