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Williams Bally Pinball Machine 2" Back Box Wing Bolt 20-9718


Wing screw or wing bolt used on late model Williams, Bally and other manufacturer pinball machines to secure the backbox to the lower cabinet.


Zinc plated 3/8-16 thread x 2" long screw with stamped wing-style head requires no washer when installed.


Part Number: 20-9718

Length (in.): 2.2

Width (in.): 1.75

Height (in.): 1.0

Weight (lbs.): .03

Wing Bolt Back Box (Williams/Bally)

  • Williams Bally Pinball Machine 2-1/2"
    Leg Bolts 20-9718

    Replacement silver "acorn head" (rounded top) leg bolts for Williams, Bally, Data East, Sega, and Stern pinball machines.

    These bolts are the standard leg bolt and will accommodate for leg protectors, drink caddies, and leg plates with pim nuts.


    Williams/Bally reference #4322-01125-40.

    Data East/Sega/Stern reference #231-5001-01.

    Jersey Jack Pinball reference #90-008038-40.

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