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It's time to get a handle on this The Munsters custom antique class door knob shooter rod. This is a custom crafted shooter rod with a real modified door knob. Every shooter rod will differ slightly from one another. The image above is only to give you a general idea of what you're purchasing. It installs in minutes and best of all these custom shooter rods are produced here in the USA.

Munsters Glass Door Knob Shooter Rod

  • This shooter rod was custom crafted from an authentic door knob. The shooter rod blends nicely with the overall look of the game. This custom shooter is a great addition to your game. It's created with a new standard shooter rod, and ships with an e-clip, new shooter spring and a rubber tip. Installs in just minutes.

  • Tilt Graphics' strives to design the most unique shooter rod on the market. If you're not 100% satisfied please email him directly with your concerns at

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