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Adding a few mods to your Addams Family pin? Here's a quick way to purchase most of our TAF mods and save money at the same time. Included in our bundle are ten mods: Mansion GameBlades, Thing Box decal, Bookcase decal, TAF Shooter Plate, Purple Rose Shooter Rod, Uncle Fester PinGulp, Rose Flipper Toppers, Stone Side Rail decals, Stone Backboard decal, Target Switch decals, and our Addams Familly keychain. 

The Addams Family Mod Bundle

$277.00 Regular Price
$221.60Sale Price
  • This shooter plate is custom designed to accent our custom shooter rods and individual pins. This custom shooter plate is a great addition to your game and installs in just a few minutes. It will elevate any pin to a new level.

  • Tilt Graphics' strives to design the most unique shooter rod on the market. If you're not 100% satisfied please email him directly with your concerns at

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