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Work like a professional at your pinball machine

Protect the side, inner cabinet and the siderails of the pinball machine with our assembly blades. In particular, when the game field is raised or lowered, scratches can easily occur. When cleaning, checking or screwing on the machine, scratches can be caused by tools or by unnoticed metal parts of clothing (rivets, zippers). A flawless pinball does not only look better, it is also worth more in the resale.

These assembly blades from PINBALL UNIVERSE fit all DMD-generation Stern Pinball devices with the appropriate design of the cabinet. Therefore, this protection is also suitable for White Star and WPC / WPC95 and construction-similar pinball machines. Also for Jersey Jack Pinball (JJP) machines. If necessary, the material of the blades can be easily adjusted by means of scissors or cutter.

Deliverscope and instructions

  • 1 x Assembly Blade left (L) 
  • 1 x Assembly Blade Right (R) 
  • 1 x Set self-adhesive magnets

GameBlade & Assembly Protector Blades

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