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Code update for American Pinball's Houdini, Version 18.12.12

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18.12.12 New — adjustment for right lock if it is having trouble releasing the ball to the scoop or if two balls are being released. The double release can occur if the machine is set very steep. This adjustment can also be used if you find that sometimes the ball does not feed to the scoop from the subway every time. If you need guidance on adjusting this, contact support. New — high score will automatically exit after 30 seconds of no activity Modified — The “Encore bonus”, awarded for performing all stage modes, now requires a shot to the stage, after the last stage mode ends, to collect the bonus. Added lights and sounds to the sequence. Modified — adding a player now shows a score of 0 vs score being blank Modified — elephant animations Modified — pricing schemes Modified — light show improvements throughout Modified — pressing start during match sequence will start a new game, assuming credits or free play Modified — bonus sequence wraps up faster on flipper escape Modified — hit both flippers in attract will go to last scores screen Modified — playfield lights turn on quicker after a trunk throw Modified — various animation tweaks Modified — Jail escapes will award at least 5K if completed Modified — Trunk MB will now re-light jackpots once the ball reaches the VUK when super jackpot is lit, vs waiting until the super was awarded Modified — the timer will no longer pause when the ball is going through catapult sequence if a multiball is active

Modified — Trunk Multiball super jackpot will be awarded even if ball misses both trunk and upper catapult Modified — sequence of reporting a mission completion, extra ball and Houdini letter being earned when all three occur at the same time Modified — Houdini letter voice calls Modified — handling of Houdini letter for stage modes that end by draining Fixed — In secret missions, behavior of lamps when it would show the next shot, when the previous shot was not fully completed. Fixed — bug in Master Magician that could result in a reboot Fixed — bug in master magician where it would both prompt for initials and continue on in game play for the last player, in certain multiplayer scenarios. Fixed — Bullet catch not properly diverting the ball to trunk in some scenarios Fixed — issue where the scoop would sometimes fire extra hard when doing things in service mode Fixed — Elephant mode would score extra points on a ball drain Fixed — issue with match not firing knocker for each match and in some cases not awarding more than one credit on multiple matches. Fixed — issues with starting a new game by holding start button for a few seconds while a one player game is in progress. Also a setting added, that must be set to On for this feature to work, defaults to ‘Off’ Fixed — bug where count of multiplayer game in audits was being updated incorrectly, this change will correct existing data, but historical data may still not be 100% accurate Fixed — after selecting an illusion during magicians choice, the displayed illusion would change if a flipper button was hit, the player would still get the selected illusion. Fixed — Trunk MB sometimes being a four ball multiball when it should be Fixed — a trunk miss on Trunk MB super jackpot shot would put another ball into play Fixed — bug that would crash system if king of cards timed out and no flipper was hit Fixed — bug on Haldane where a spinner switch hit before the intro completed would cause a crash Fixed — film master mystery was not awarding 10,000 points for starting it Fixed —the ‘you have earned a Houdini letter’ would play more than once Fixed — stage alley arrow being lit during séance MB for no reason Fixed — fourth ball being put into play at start of séance if a ball was not ejecting cleanly from the scoop Fixed — if a multiball was running and séance letters were hit the display would not properly show that, and if the spelling of séance was completed, any letters hit during the MB would not be displayed when the display would show séance multiball as being ready Fixed — voice calls on ball save won’t repeat if the ball falls to make it to the shooter lane and falls back into the trough Fixed — issues were master magician would start when other modes or items were still running. The player must finish any modes, escapes or multiballs that are in progress Fixed — when earning a Houdini letter, sometimes only the letter would be seen, not the whole status screen Fixed — return from beyond and escape death were allowing magic standup targets to still assist a paused stage or movie mode Fixed — bug where visit to Escape Death would resume from where any previously failed attempt failed vs properly resetting things. Fixed — bug where a left orbit shot was not awarding a hurry up when jail escapes set to easy Fixed — lock 2 insert would not always turning off after MB runs Fixed — bug where when in séance MB, shooting a ball to the trunk to start trunk MB, while also draining the other ball still in play, could result in the ball ending, not getting the trunk MB and not being able to get that MB for the rest of the game. Fixed — bug where shots to the magic shop hole, depending on various game states and behavior of the subway switches, would put more than one ball back into play. Fixed — bug on Master Mystery when using a flipper escape with halt sounds on flipper escape set to off, that could sometimes result in the mode not fully starting.

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