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The Myrtle Beach Pinball Museum is the dream of Myrtle Beach’s Jerry Pinkas and a group of volunteers, who wish to use their large collection of pinball machines to make money for local children’s charities.

We are thrilled to have purchased a building and we’re currently undergoing renovations, with the grand opening projected for January 2018 and the beach season. We THANK YOU for actually reading this entire post and for Not Asking Are you open yet? or Whats your address? We will be posting ALL updates on the Pinball Museum to this page as soon as they happen…… Keep an eye on this page for the announcements.

Pinball and Charity can go together! We are building the permanent place which will be the home of Myrtle Beach’s largest pinball machine collection. Our goal is to build a museum of modern pinball with the fun, excitement of pinball machines from the 1970’s to 2017. Rather than have these pinball machines sit in a private warehouse or garage, the goal is to build a permanent space, “a museum of fully playable machines”, where the public can not only see them, but actually PLAY all their old favorites.

We are on a mission to bring back this beloved art form of pop culture and celebrate Vintage Americana at its best! Pinball has always been an important part of our American history and culture. This is not a paid gig…it’s 100% volunteer, no salaries. It’s about the love of the game of pinball, giving back to the community and children’s charities. A 501(c)3 non-profit corporation has been established to further this cause and has been recognized by the IRS as being tax-exempt by virtue of its charitable programs.

Myrtle Beach deserves to be the home of “South Carolina’s Largest Pinball Machine Collection On Display”. What a boost it will give the city to have that honor. Myrtle Beach has always been known as one of the nation’s top vacation destinations and affordable family fun. So we have taken it upon ourselves to be the curator and keep these machines alive, so that they can be enjoyed the public and by future generations.

The restoration and maintenance of these machines requires countless hours of love. Sometimes it takes many days or months to trouble shoot, locate rare & scarce parts, or even build and manufacture parts, then rebuild these games back to like new condition.

In the past, without a permanent location, this group has been working hard by transporting and setting up these “like new” machines at local charity events, awareness campaigns and local fund-raisers.

We will be posting ALL updates on the Pinball Museum to this page as soon as they happen…… Thank you for your support as we get ready to move into a permanent location in 2018.

We thank you for your all of your words of encouragement and support in preserving pinball art, engineering, science and history for future generations.

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