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Adding a few mods to your TMNT pin? Here's a quick way to purchase most of our TMNT mods and save money at the same time. Included in our bundle are nine mods: GameBlade, Shooter Rod, Shooter Plate, Speaker Panel Accent, Speaker Grill Accent, Keychain, PinGulp, 3 Flipper Bats, and Coindoor Accen. Best of all these bad boys are printed and produced here in the USA.

Turtles MOD Bundle - Stern

  • What are GameBlades™?
    They're repositionable inner cabinate decals designed to extend the visual game play of your favorite pinball machines. They're made with industry leading materials and designed and crafted by seasoned professionals.

    The Air-Egress technology allows trapped air to escape almost instantly for time-saving application. Vinyl is easily repossitionalble and is ideal for use with Eco-Solvent inkjet printers.

  • We strive to design and produce the best possible GameBlades™ on the market if you're not 100% satisfied please email us directly with your concerns. 

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