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Here's the new and improved PinGulp 3.0 beverage caddy. Using the same mounting bracket this PinGulp can now be placed left, right or front facing. This new version also has the added benefit that it detaches quickly for easy cleaning and reattaches just as easily. It installs in just a few minutes using your standard pinball legs own bults. With these installed you now have a perfect place to store your favorite beverage.

Simpsons Duff PinGulp Beverage Caddy

  • What are PinGulps™?
    This unique cup holder mounts to your pinball machine using its own leg bolts. The metal bracket bends the beverage caddy around the corner to the side of the machine where it cannot be bumped, yet is easily accessible to the user.The PinGulp Beverage Caddy is completely suspended by its own mounting bracket and does not touch your cabinet, and it can be installed even when your games are lined up "head-by-head."The PinGulp Beverage Caddy installs on virtually every pinball machine ever made! Whether it be a bottle, cup, can, mug, tumbler, or glass of almost any size or shape, the PinGulp easily handles them all! Please Note: The PinGulp Beverage Caddy is side-specific we only sell right sided PinGulps.

  • We strive to design and produce the best possible GameBlades™ on the market if you're not 100% satisfied please email us directly with your concerns. 

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